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Green Energy Sustainability.

The Energy Trilemma

The Energy Trilemma.

Sustainability, Reliability and Affordability.

‘The World Energy Council’s definition of energy sustainability is based on three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability of Energy Systems.


Balancing these three goals constitutes a ‘Trilemma’ and balanced systems enable prosperity and competitiveness of individual countries.’ 'World Energy Council 2020'

The HydroStar Solution provides a system with unparalleled performance, reflecting balance and robustness in the three Trilemma dimensions.

Putting the Green into Energy.




Green to the Core.
Bringing Life to Energy.

We at HydroStar are in a league of our own when it comes to a Low Carbon Footprint.

Our goal from the outset was to produce a unit that ticked all those Environmentally Green boxes.

Yes, we also had to produce high purity Hydrogen, that was Affordable, Sustainable and Reliable, but unlike other companies we were starting from ground zero, focussing solely on one goal - To be the Perfect Solution to the Worlds Energy Trilemma!

As an Environmental Company we realise that we have a responsibility to be a friend to the Earth and the people who populate it. The questions shown on the right are focused on that realisation and are the core values of HydroStar globally!

All we respectfully ask is that if you are considering producing Green Hydrogen, that you consider the project within a Green Framework and that you carefully evaluate the whole environmental footprint and not simply get tied into the usual purchasing methodologies. Please instead, examine the validity of  the various elements of what Hydrostar is striving to achieve.


Not just a pathway to Green, but the right pathway to really thinking Green.

The HydroSol 50kW.

Solar and Hydrogen in Synergy.

Designed and built for energy efficiency, simplicity of maintenance and   robustness the HydroSol 50 kilowatt unit produces a maximum of 5Kg of 98% pure Hydrogen (H2) per day and is fully Solar Farm compatible.

A 100% Australian made product; design, labour and materials, the HydroSol has been tested with various Solar Power outputs.  Used as a stand alone unit for smaller projects and remote areas or, using our advanced portable modular system, can be expanded to 1 Megawatt Energy Pods, producing up to 100 Kg of 98% pure H2 per day.

The HydroSol breaks new barriers in terms of design;

  • Uses a patent pending gas separation technology

  • Uses only Green-Chemistry, no dangerous or caustic electrolytes

  • Maintenance is minimal - no moving parts, no precious metals used

  • Heat generation is low and controlled

  • All the components can be sourced locally

HydroSol 50kW
HydroPod 1MW

The HydroPod 100MW.

Portable Green Energy.

The nature of Portable Modular System allows us to link 1MW Pods in multiples up to 100MW to suit any clients requirements. 

Each Pod is ‘Connect and Go’ ready, allowing for immediate onsite production of Hydrogen and since each Pod stands as an independent entity we can provide uninterrupted production of H2, even during maintenance periods. 

It is that kind of total flexibility and adaptability, combined with an understanding of clients needs, that make HydroStar distinctive in the Hydrogen production industry.

Portable Sustainability

Solar PV shown - Control room only.


B9™ - Green-Chemistry.

An Evolutionary Step Forward.

Our Green chemistry brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘Environmentally Friendly’! 

Our product originality stems from the fact that whilst other companies are using caustic chemistry, rare earth minerals, and even worse have to have special disposal regulations imposed by the EPA, HydroStar’s B9™ does not.  It is exactly that, benign!

B9™ is a creative, unparalleled blend of Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) and European Union (EU) approved ingredients, our product can even pass the strictest of environmental and health testing globally.


Greener than green, this product has no harmful effects either in mixing, usage, blending or disposal.


B9™ is a zero maintenance, sustainable catalyst, producing High-Grade Hydrogen, in other words a totally clean energy.


It’s a true Friend to the Environment!



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Experts in Hydrogen production, 

working across 4 continents with

solutions that are the answer to

green sustainability.

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